Well then, first post here on the new static blog generator.

Why write a static blog generator?

First and foremost, writing more. I want to do it. Becoming a better writer involves writing more, and having a blog is a great place to let out thoughts. I’d also like to have a permanent record of what I write, even if it’s backed up on some cloud-server somewhere in the ether-verse.

Since I’m going to be writing more I would like to have ownership over what I write. I’m not saying this is common or going to happen to me, but I wouldn’t want something I wrote to be used commercially without at least my consent, and I certainly wouldn’t want someone attributing something I wrote to themselves. Not cool.

Otherwise, I’m very ok with transparency in my writing process to the extent of open-sourcing the generator, including the posts. Feel free to submit an issue if anyone finds a spelling error or any other bug :P

Lastly, I love to build things and tinker with software. I’ve already spent more time building and fine-tuning the programmatic aspects of this blog than I have actually writing.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. - Isaac Asimov